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Stitching Wire
This range of zinc electroplated stitching wires is used for book binding, wire mesh weaving and handcrafted items designing purpose. These metal wires are also perfect holding options for similar and dissimilar metallic assemblies.
Galvanized Iron Wire
Notable for their bright surface finish, this range of galvanized wires is used for fencing purpose. These are also used as suitable raw material for designing durable handle for bucket.
Binding Wires
Stainless steel and mild steel fabricated binding wires are well known for their high strength and corrosion proof finishing. These flexible wires are suitable for secure binding of pallets and other bulk items.
Black Baling Wires
Bailing Wires are used in recycling industry for binding of recyclable bulk goods. These wires are offered with galvanized iron and black annealed surface finish based choices. Long lasting surface finish is one of the key aspects of these wires.
PVC Coated Wire
PVC Coated Wires with maximum 500 Mpa tensile strength are accessible in different thickness and length based choices. These Eco-friendly wires have low maintenance cost and these are highly durable.
Black Annealed Wires
Black Annealed Wires are well known for their high flexibility, oxidation proof design, corrosion protection ability and soft surface. Long lasting quality, ease of handling and reasonable price are the key aspects of this product range.
Spring Steel Wires
Spring Steel Wires have been manufactured as per DIN and ASTM norms. Available with oil treated and phosphate surface finish based choices, this range of metal wires is offered in maximum 13 mm size.
Staple Wires
Staple Wires are used to manufacture staple pins meant for stapling papers. Corrosion proof surface, standard thickness, high flexibility and good processing characteristics are some of the key aspects of these wires.

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